Rio Jean Photography – Tacoma, WA {Halloween Stylized Shoot}

This year’s Halloween Shoot was inspired by Alice in Wonderland but since its Halloween..we decided to make her dead! Here is the back story. . . The Red Queen had planned for Alice’s return to Wonderland and had replaced the “drink me” contents with poison, so when Alice drank it..she died! But Alice had no idea she was dead until she left Wonderland. Crawling out of the rabbit hole, Alice starts to feel a little strange. As she wanders through the forest, she happens to come across a small little village…and she is starving! So, Alice stops in for a bite. Only then, after devouring some of the inhabitants in the village does she realize something is wrong! Here are the individual photos – check the next blog the cheesy comic strip! Hair: Tiffany Burton with Milo Salon in Tacoma, Makeup: Korrine Claxton with Korrine’s Facial and Waxing Studio.