Rio Jean Photography – Seattle, WA {The Search for Cherry Blossoms and Child Portrait Photography}

I love this time of year as everything starts to bloom!  I took Rio and my dad up to UW with the hopes that the cherry blossoms were in bloom . . . wrong! There were a few in bloom . . .  I should have known better as I do this every single year!  When I see the trees bloom here, in Kent, that usually means UW will start blooming about three weeks later. We made the trek anyway and still have a blast with bubbles, umbrellas, and dresses, Rio even made some friends while she was chasing bubbles.

I love my little girl and the way she sees things, she saw all of the college students with their backpacks on, so she wanted to be a big girl too an insisted on carrying her own back pack.  When we went to this gorgeous library, she wanted to be just like those students, studying hard, so she grabbed a book off the shelf, sat down with her backpack, took out her lunch, and started to “read” while enjoying her gold fish! Be still my heart and my tears!  Our little ones are growing so fast, parents really slow down and see your little one now as they won’t be little for long.