Rio Jean Photography – Seattle, WA {Headshot Swap}

Today was pretty awesome as I had a chance to meet up with a fellow photog Holli Margell. ( We met at Sculpture Park and I didn’t realize how cold it was going to be so I wore a short sleeved shirt and capris pants, YIKES! I brought Rio with me and poor thing, she was freezing her little buns off, even after I gave her my coat. I really enjoyed meeting Holli and getting to know her, she was very personable, down to earth, and fun! I usually don’t have a chance to just stare at someone’s face when I first meet them, that would be creepy right!? But during my post production, I have the opportunity to really study people’s faces and really see them and their beauty. Holli is gorgeous, she has a contagious smile that radiates through her whole body and lights up her whole face. I am so glad to have had the chance to meet her, have you ever met someone and were immediately comfortable with them, like they were an old friend or like your souls recognize each other? That is how I felt with Holli, totally awesome experience! Anyways, check her out! OH!!! The picture that has horrible coloring (it was my metering test shot) I added that one because you can see my stalker daughter in the background creeping up on Holli, I thought it was cute!