Rio Jean Photography – Seattle, WA {Child Photography}

I love University Village! I haven’t had a chance to go there since Rio was born so I decided to go there to purchase some chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Have you been to Fran’s Chocolate? I haven’t been there in three years and I didn’t know Fran’s had remodeled the inside of the store to include a mini eating space – check it out if you haven’t. Fran’s is my all time favorite place to buy chocolate and it was also Rio’s favorite place, her little hands were all over everything! I bought some chocolate and they provided us with some sample chocolates, she ate both of them, little stinker! You can see in one the pictures, she has the chocolate in her little hand and in another, you can see the chocolate on her face as she is wiping her hands on her shirt. I finally was able to reunite with my favorite shopping center and it was the perfect day for a girls day. Rio had a blast! Do you want to know what makes Rio happy? Water! She LOVES playing in water and lucky for her, the water features were on. I love her little smile, she was so happy to just put her hands in the fountain. The simple and small things that makes her happy…I miss that. I can’t wait to go back to U Village – it’s a perfect location for a photoshoot!! Let me know if you want to have a session there!