Rio Jean Photography – Kent, WA {Third birthday party}

Yesterday Rio had her third birthday party – I am a little sad as my baby girl is growing up! I can’t believe she will be three! (Her Birthday is on the 19th). Is it weird that I cried as I was taking pictures of her three candles on her cake? She is the only child I will ever have… it has just gone by way too fast! Anyways, Rio had a ton of fun at her party. This was the first year I decided to 1. not make her cake and 2. make a mainly vegetarian meal. In the past I would have a big blow out of Korean food and this year I toned it down a lot and since my husband and I are trying to eat healthier and eat less meat, we decided to do a vegetarian blow out! Well mostly, my husband rotisseried some chicken. I was kind of laughing to myself when I was make the food as I think most of my friends aren’t vegetarians, I was thinking I should have added a disclaimer on the invite! Oh well, needless to say I have a TON of food left over. Rio totally loves the Little Mermaid so I had a Little Mermaid themed party and ordered this EPIC cake from Dodi Still’s Custom Cakes & Cupcakes Portfolio ( ). I have to say I thought my daughter’s head was going to explode when she saw it! I think I would explode if I woke up to an awesome cake like this! Dodi also made my husband’s cake last year for his 50th surprise birthday party – it was a RUSH theme- if you check out her page, its the cake in the main FB Banner! LOVE! This cake is awesome! Check out the detail. I sent her a couple of pictures of what I was looking for in my daughter’s birthday cake and told her what I liked about each cake and she made this gorgeous cake! It was a shame to eat it, but it tasted so delicious! That is another thing I like about Dodi’s cakes, she rolls her fondant thin and puts a layer of icing underneath it and the cake is moist and yummy!