Rio Jean Photography, Kent, WA {Composite Photography}

I have started to really get into working with composites and for 2016’s Halloween shoot, I decided to try it!  I was super nervous and was having mental blocks on what I want to shoot, this was one of the most challenging sessions I have done.  The Make up artist I work with, Korrine Claxton ( wanted to do Provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  We decided to have one of my friends and previous model be our Belle; Autumn did a spectacular job! By the end of the session, she had her flow posing down!

So here are two composites, I used stock images from Deviant art and a tutorial from Rafy A to do these.  It’s not as epic as I was hoping for and definitely not perfect.  But at least I have a better idea now of how to plan for a composite. Thank you to Korrine and Autumn, without you both, this would not have been possible.  Provincial Belle Themed Photoshoot Beauty and the BeastProvincial Belle Themed Photoshoot Beauty and the Beast