Rio Jean Photography – Covington, WA {Halloween Themed Studio Portraits}

I LOVE Halloween!!  Every year we, Korrine (the make up artist I work with) and myself, do a Halloween themed shoot.  This is our chance during the year to do something wild and crazy!!!

The first images, I did the makeup myself as Korrine and I had already done a Day of the Dead theme for out first Halloween themed shoot.  I really wanted to do one with my daughter and husband this year, but by the time I was done with my daughter’s makeup up, it was too late in the day for my husband.  Maybe next year we can do the father daughter Day of the Dead.  I love my daughter’s Sassiness in these images!  She totally rocked it.

The second set of images, Korrine and I decided we wanted to do the Mad Hatter’s Daughter, like she was coming in to have her portraits done.  I am very pleased with how these turned out.  Korrine did an amazing job with the makeup and this year we actually had a hair stylist! FINALLY!  The hair can look good!  Huge Shout out to Brenda Goethals for the beautiful hair that took for ever to do!!  Another thank you to our model, Ruby, she is simply gorgeous and definitely made my job easy.  Thank you to everyone, this wouldn’t be possible without you all!

Enjoy and Happy Halloween!!!