Rio Jean Photography – {Abandoned Schoolhouses}

I have this fascination with abandoned buildings, creepy asylums and sanitariums.  Last year, I decided to take a road trip to abandoned schoolhouses in Eastern Washington and there are a TON!  It was a pretty amazing trip, we found an abandoned collection of buildings, which was the first place we took pictures.  I decided a steampunk theme would be epic for this trip and luckily, my daughter and step daughter were willing models!  You can see towards the end of the trip, they were getting tired.

The very first place we stopped was on someone’s farm land, we all had our boots on and the ground was freshly plowed so we were sinking in the dirt. By the end, we had dirt everywhere and even had to high tail it back to the van as the owners some how spotted us and they were coming to get us (I lost my fitbit trespassing!!)