It finally came!! I was waiting for a month and half for this maternity dress to arrive so I could do a maternity session for a co-worker of mine,  I was beyond happy when it arrived in the right size and color!

The day couldn’t have been more perfect for this on location maternity session, the rain had finally stopped, the sun came out…it was a beautiful day.  This will be the couple’s first baby(they are having a boy) and I could not be happier for them!  Anyways, congratulations to the parent to be!

Couple Snuggling Maternity SessionMaroon Maternity DressMaroon Maternity DressMaroon Maternity Dress

I have this fascination with abandoned buildings, creepy asylums and sanitariums.  Last year, I decided to take a road trip to abandoned schoolhouses in Eastern Washington and there are a TON!  It was a pretty amazing trip, we found an abandoned collection of buildings, which was the first place we took pictures.  I decided a steampunk theme would be epic for this trip and luckily, my daughter and step daughter were willing models!  You can see towards the end of the trip, they were getting tired.

The very first place we stopped was on someone’s farm land, we all had our boots on and the ground was freshly plowed so we were sinking in the dirt. By the end, we had dirt everywhere and even had to high tail it back to the van as the owners some how spotted us and they were coming to get us (I lost my fitbit trespassing!!)

I have started to really get into working with composites and for 2016’s Halloween shoot, I decided to try it!  I was super nervous and was having mental blocks on what I want to shoot, this was one of the most challenging sessions I have done.  The Make up artist I work with, Korrine Claxton ( wanted to do Provincial Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  We decided to have one of my friends and previous model be our Belle; Autumn did a spectacular job! By the end of the session, she had her flow posing down!

So here are two composites, I used stock images from Deviant art and a tutorial from Rafy A to do these.  It’s not as epic as I was hoping for and definitely not perfect.  But at least I have a better idea now of how to plan for a composite. Thank you to Korrine and Autumn, without you both, this would not have been possible.  Provincial Belle Themed Photoshoot Beauty and the BeastProvincial Belle Themed Photoshoot Beauty and the Beast

Have you ever seen someone and thought, OMGEE!  That person is stunning!  Well that is exactly the thought I had go through my head when I met my co worker’s wife! I thought…I need her face in my portfolio….and the makeup artist I work with, Korrine Claxton of Korrine C Makeup and Skin , had the exact same idea.  So we teamed up again and here is the result of our combined efforts.  Thank Mrs. C and Korrine for making this shoot possible!

This family session, I not only had the pleasure of working with some return clients, but I also had the pleasure of meeting my client’s mom and her sister!  They flew in for a birthday and of course, what is one thing to do when family is in town?  Take Pictures!!  It was really fun to meet the other family members for the on location family portrait session. All of these ladies are just GORGEOUS!  Hope you all had a great visit!