Guess who is expecting again!! These guys!! I love this family and its always good to reconnect and catch up.  I truly enjoy seeing repeat clients, especially ones with kiddo’s as I love seeing how their babies change.  Looking forward to meeting this families newest addition,  congrats to the happy couple and soon to be big brother.


One thing I do not do often enough is photograph men.  I photograph the guys in my family and an occasional headshot, but that is it!  This year I want to branch out and challenge myself.  I asked a coworker to model for me and he was so gracious!  He let me place him in different poses and even wore a hat my daughter sat on!   The pictures turned out ok, will definitely be practicing more this year!  Thanks Andrew, you’re the BEST!!!

One of the first photoshoots of 2018 was on a cold, rainy day in Covington, sounds a lot like the last photoshoot I did in 2017!   I work with this gorgeous little girl’s father and he was gracious enough to let me photograph her.  She couldn’t be more perfect, right!?  Her favorite word was “Apparently” and she’s only 4! Such a doll and so easy to work with.  LOVE her little face.


Last photoshoot of 2017 was at Bellevue Botanical Gardens.  It was rainy, cold, and dark!  I am always happy to see this family, they are all so photogenic!  It is good to catch up and see how Maxwell has grown, last year he didn’t say much at all…but this year!  Holy Smokes!  He was talking up a storm and was all smiles for the camera.  Thanks guys and looking forward to seeing soon!