I love this family!!  They are so much fun to work with!  For this session, they decided to do it earlier in the year so it would be sunny and not all dreary, rainy, and cold.  I am glad they decided to do this outdoor session in the spring, its WAAAYYY better.


This year for the themed Halloween shoot, we decided to do Morticia and Wednesday Addams.  Makeup artist was Korrine Claxton (https://www.korrinecmakeupandskin.com/) and our models where Lizzie and Barb.  I had this composite vision in my mind when we decided to do this shoot, I am still working on that but, in the mean time, here are some shots from the studio shoot.


My little brother is getting hitched!!! I typically don’t do engagement photography but how could I pass up the opportunity to photography my brother and his Fiance?  We drove up to Tipsoo Lake (our first time there) and little did we know that there is no cell reception!  So about an hour later, we finally connect and I’m not gonna lie, by the time we started shooting, the lighting was terrible!!! Lesson learned….plan better next time!

Cheers to the love birds!


So a long time friend and my web designer brought her newest addition in to the studio for his 2 year shoot.  This little man is so cute!!! I love his little face.  We decided to do a Cake smash at the last minute and it turned out really good, I love his face plant!

Happy 2nd Birthday little man!