Ellie is the first momma in the Bellies to Babies Campaign to give birth. I received notice on Dec. 17th, the day before Ellie’s due date, that she was going to the hospital to be induced. On Dec 18th, there was very little progress to report; I received word around 12pm that things were just starting but slowly. I headed out at 2:30 to head to the hospital and arrived at 4:20! Traffic, of course, was the horrible that day plus the hospital was on Ft. Lewis so I had to stop at the gate to obtain a permit to be on post. When I arrived, I was standing outside Ellie and David’s room waiting to be let in when I hear “push”! From the time I arrived to the time the baby was born, it was about 15 minutes, I arrived just in time. Watching a birth was such an incredible experience! Even though I had a child myself, I wasn’t able to see everything that was going on, so for me, this was amazing! Ellie was a rock star! She powered through and was able to deliver her beautiful baby boy! If you have never had a chance to experience watching a new life come into the world, I would encourage you to do so as it is truly amazing. Congrats to the new parents and welcome to the world baby Nicholas!

I have been doing some practice sessions around newborn posing as I have been doing mainly lifestyle type newborn sessions. Here are a few pictures from a newborn session in my home studio in Kent. I am always looking to practice with newborns, so keep an eye for my model casting calls!
Newborn Studio Session Newborn Studio Session

My friend Missy and I have been talking about light painting for a bit, she actually introduced me to it! We decided to give it a go and it took us several attempts but we eventually were able to get some pretty cool shots! My favorite is the waterfall, I had to climb all around this water feature so I was very happy I wore my rain boots!
Light Painting light painting

Such a beautiful day for a Family Portrait Session.  It was a little chilly as you can tell by how bundled up Baby J is, but it was Sunny so I can’t complain much!  I can not believe how much this little munchkin has grown since last year, he has teeth and is a little busy body!  I can not wait to see him next year and hear him talk! 

Family portrait session Family Portrait Photography Family Portrait Photography Family Portrait Photography Family Portrait Photography </ Family Portrait Photography Family Portrait Photography

Two of the ladies in my Bellies to Babies Campaign are due this month so I needed to purchase some new props.  They finally arrived and I was able to do a test newborn session with this little one!  She is 5 days old and so tiny!  I can’t believe my daughter was once that small!  What did I purchase?  Two Flokati rugs, several newborn wraps, an awesome wood floor from Home Depot AND I made my own newborn posing bean bag! I am super excited about it!