Yesterday was such a gorgeous day that I had to get out and do something. Rio, and I met up with my dad at the Tacoma Children’s Museum , awesome place by the way, if you haven’t been there, go check it out! There were a ton of kiddos there and a lot of activities to keep their little bodies busy. Rio of course loved the water tables, I am sure if she were able to, she’d jump right in and play for hours!  This would be a fun place to do some lifestyle type portraits.

This is the second family session I have photographed for the Babies to Bellies campaign.  This little man is adorable!  Can I say it was quite an adventure having him and his brother in studio –  Lets just say there were plenty of messes to clean up!  But I think we all had  a good time.  I love this newborn’s toes, so cute!  I think my favorite picture is of the baby and his brother, his brother is already giving him a mischievous look . . .
newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-family-photographer newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-newborn-photographer newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-newborn-photographer newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-newborn-photographer newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-family-photographer newborn-photographer-kent-wa-maple-valley-newborn-photographer-sibling-photographer

I was lucky enough to run into a fellow photog, Chelle Nicole, who’s work I have been following since I decided to start my business.  I was in Tacoma doing a family session when I saw her and her daughters walk by and I was like O.M.G. ! That’s CHELLE!  She is a photog celebrity, in my books!  So of course I had to stop and say hi and I am sure, just like every other fan when they meet their “Star”, I sounded totally crazy…like a real crazed fan!  Luckily, she didn’t grab her kids and run, she was gracious enough to talk with me and also invite me to her photog night out at Anthem Coffee!  *EEKK*
This past Monday, photogs from around the area descended on Anthem Coffee, and the staff and owner of Anthem were awesome! Excellent food and service, if you haven’t stopped by, I highly recommend you check it out!  I had the chance to sit and chat with Chelle about business and one of the topics that resonated with me was this –  When people think of me, what three words come to their mind?  Chelle stated her three things are coffee, lavender, and her kids.  She is able to integrate those three things into her brand which in turn lets you learn more about her.
What are my three words?  When you leave your session, how will you remember me?  It’s not that easy to come up with three words!  I know for sure my daughter, Rio Jean, and Wine.  But I am still on the fence about the last one I am hoping that through the course of this year, I will find my the last one!


I was able to do a portrait session today at Kent Station (a nice change from kiddos and babies!).  I have been wanting to go to Kent Station for a while as I think it’s a good location for pictures as everything is well maintained and there are plenty of little areas. I meet Della there today and of course it was freezing cold with a tiny bit of rain.  Despite the weather, Della really shined in her session and was a real natural in font of the camera!  I really enjoyed working with Della, she seems to have a very kind heart and gentle spirit!
Kent-WA-Portrait-Photographer-Maple-Valley-Portrait-Photographer Kent-WA-Portrait-Photographer-Maple-Valley-Portrait-Photographer < Kent-WA-Portrait-Photographer-Maple-Valley-Portrait-Photographer Kent-WA-Portrait-Photographer-Maple-Valley-Portrait-Photographer

Korrine is the makeup artist I work with and she is expecting her second kiddo! We decided to head up to Seattle for her ,maternity session and I am so glad we did!  It was a gorgeous sunny day but it was still very cold!  Korrine is just stunning!  Korrine’s Hair was done by Missy Millan, Korrine did her own makeup,  and the gorgeous Maternity gown was made by Heather McMillen.  All three of the ladies made this maternity session possible!
Sculpture-Park-Maternity-Session Sculpture-Park-Maternity-Session Maternity-Session-UW-Seattle Maternity-Session-UW-Seattle Maternity-Session-UW-Seattle