Scarlett Rose.!  This little angel is gorgeous!  She is 2 weeks old and I actually met her mom at MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) on Tuesday and I had them in my studio the next day!  I am super excited as I finally had a little newborn girl in studio, most of the newborn babies I have had are boys and I haven’t had the chance to try out my headbands.  SO…Miss Scarlet was my headband model! LOVE!  Headbands were made by Missy Millan Designs – Check her out too! My favorite is the one is the green bow! I love green and sparkles!
newborn-baby-girl-photographer-kent-wa-newborn-baby-headbands newborn-baby-girl-photographer-kent-wa-newborn-baby-headbands newborn-baby-girl-photographer-kent-wa-newborn-baby-headbands

Yesterday Rio had her third birthday party – I am a little sad as my baby girl is growing up! I can’t believe she will be three! (Her Birthday is on the 19th). Is it weird that I cried as I was taking pictures of her three candles on her cake? She is the only child I will ever have… it has just gone by way too fast! Anyways, Rio had a ton of fun at her party. This was the first year I decided to 1. not make her cake and 2. make a mainly vegetarian meal. In the past I would have a big blow out of Korean food and this year I toned it down a lot and since my husband and I are trying to eat healthier and eat less meat, we decided to do a vegetarian blow out! Well mostly, my husband rotisseried some chicken. I was kind of laughing to myself when I was make the food as I think most of my friends aren’t vegetarians, I was thinking I should have added a disclaimer on the invite! Oh well, needless to say I have a TON of food left over. Rio totally loves the Little Mermaid so I had a Little Mermaid themed party and ordered this EPIC cake from Dodi Still’s Custom Cakes & Cupcakes Portfolio ( ). I have to say I thought my daughter’s head was going to explode when she saw it! I think I would explode if I woke up to an awesome cake like this! Dodi also made my husband’s cake last year for his 50th surprise birthday party – it was a RUSH theme- if you check out her page, its the cake in the main FB Banner! LOVE! This cake is awesome! Check out the detail. I sent her a couple of pictures of what I was looking for in my daughter’s birthday cake and told her what I liked about each cake and she made this gorgeous cake! It was a shame to eat it, but it tasted so delicious! That is another thing I like about Dodi’s cakes, she rolls her fondant thin and puts a layer of icing underneath it and the cake is moist and yummy!

This is the second newborn baby photography session for this little man. I have to say I love doing photography session at this family’s house as they have this floor to ceiling window and it is perfect for back lit shots. I like how lite and airy those shots look. I did manage to get a little smile out of this little one and I am looking forward to seeing how he changes next month! The pictures of all three of them together is one of my favorites! The picture is a perfect portrayal of a mom’s love.

I love University Village! I haven’t had a chance to go there since Rio was born so I decided to go there to purchase some chocolate for Valentine’s Day. Have you been to Fran’s Chocolate? I haven’t been there in three years and I didn’t know Fran’s had remodeled the inside of the store to include a mini eating space – check it out if you haven’t. Fran’s is my all time favorite place to buy chocolate and it was also Rio’s favorite place, her little hands were all over everything! I bought some chocolate and they provided us with some sample chocolates, she ate both of them, little stinker! You can see in one the pictures, she has the chocolate in her little hand and in another, you can see the chocolate on her face as she is wiping her hands on her shirt. I finally was able to reunite with my favorite shopping center and it was the perfect day for a girls day. Rio had a blast! Do you want to know what makes Rio happy? Water! She LOVES playing in water and lucky for her, the water features were on. I love her little smile, she was so happy to just put her hands in the fountain. The simple and small things that makes her happy…I miss that. I can’t wait to go back to U Village – it’s a perfect location for a photoshoot!! Let me know if you want to have a session there!

This little guy came two weeks early and I am so glad we did mom’s maternity pictures when we did! I enjoyed working with this newborn as he was so precious and such a little snuggle bug! He was perfect during his newborn session and was totally happy once I placed the heated rice pack on him, he totally zonked out! Congrats to Korrine and her Hubby and welcome to the world little man! Looking forward to seeing how he changes and grows.