Have you heard of Brooks Carlston?  No? Brooks is an amazingly talented high school senior who is a songwriter/singer/musician, he does it all!  Check him out at http://www.reverbnation.com/brookscarlston

I had the opportunity to photograph Brooks for his high school senior pictures and also for some headshots for his music.  Lucky me, I was able to hear some of his playing and singing, I talked him into singing some Rush  🙂  And of course what is a session without some pictures with mom!

Good luck to Brooks and his endeavors and if you haven’t, go check him out, you won’t be sorry!maple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wamaple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wamaple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wamaple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wamaple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wamaple-valley-high-school-senior-portaits-professional-headshots-kent-wa

This little guy is getting chubby! LOVE!  I can’t believe he is already 5 months old! Seems like yesterday I was doing his newborn pictures.  He hasn’t found his feet yet, but I hear he’s quite the little chatter box!  He’s always giving me cute little smiles.  Look at his gorgeous eyes!


This little guy is part of my Bellies to Babies Campaign: Photographing Babyhood and I can not believe he is already four months old! I could photograph this guy all day. He just discovered his little chubby toes! I love it when babies “discover” their toes, and it always amazes me how flexible they are at this age too. He can’t quite sit up yet by himself, but look at him try with his momma’s help. Check out his little baby arm chub! I love four month old babies!


I can’t believe Landon is three months old! It seems like yesterday I was doing his newborn portraits. Landon is so cute! Look at his little face and his little hands! I love babies at this stage as they are able to provide some expressions and usually start smiling! And we were able to get a sibling picture, that was a challenge, but somehow we pulled this off! Happy Three Months to Baby Landon!


This is the year that you will give the mom’s in your life, yourself included, a gift that will last a lifetime.

Moms, when is the last time you had a picture with your children? I know some moms, myself included, will say, “Oh, I’m too fat or I don’t look the way I want to” and bow out of pictures.  When will you ever look the way you want?  By that time, will you be too old? Will your children be grown?  Will your new excuse be “I look old, I have too many wrinkles”?

The time is NOW. Stop waiting for the “perfect moment” to exist in photographs for your children, exist in them NOW!  Life is so short, and you don’t to look back and say “I wish I would have been in that picture”.

I have no pictures of myself and my mom while I was growing up, I wish I did. I wish I saw how my mom was back then. Even if she thought she was overweight, I still see her as BEAUTIFUL! She’s my mom and I want that memory of her for myself and my daughter.

Moms be present in pictures, leave an image of yourself  for your children and  future generations.  I believe every woman deserves at least one beautiful picture of herself AND I believe her children deserve at least one picture of themselves with their mom.

These sessions will be all about a mom and her love for her babies, so there will be no props or fancy backgrounds. Be prepared to laugh, snuggle, and love on your kiddos during the time we are together.  I recommend wearing a simple wardrobe of soft colors such as beige, soft grays, whites, creams, etc.
There are six (6) sessions total on May 18th. The first appointment will be at 9:30 and the last appointment at 1:00.  I am offering these mini sessions for $49 (regular session fee is $130) I will offer session times in the order that sessions are purchased; first come, first served.

Additional Information:

  • Sessions are 20 minutes long; you will forfeit your session without refund if you are late or arrive unprepared
  • A model release and signed photography contract is required.  These documents will be sent via email once payment is received.
  • A link to your gallery will be emailed to you within two weeks of the initial session where you will be able to make your selections.  You can call me or email me with your order.
  • Galleries will be active for two weeks, at the end of the two weeks, ordering must take place at that time in order to take advantage of the sale price, an order date will be sent with your link
  • Orders that are placed after said timeline will no longer be eligible for the discounts and will be full price
  • Digital image(s) will be delivered via dropbox
  • No refunds, exchanges, or returns
  • Prices do not include taxes
  • purchasing your session indicates agreement with these terms