I have been waiting to do these for a while! A fellow photog inspired a bunch of us to do these sessions, so here it is!  I think just about every little girl would LOVE to have one of these sessions! And apparently some of the grown-ups want to be surrounded by glitter! Of course I had to do one for my daughter and her best bud! They had a blast making a huge mess, who wouldn’t right? Interested? Contact me for details riojeanphotography@gmail.com


I love this time of year!  We decided to head over to Carpinto’s Pumpkin patch for this session and it was perfect!  I brought Rio with me and she and Liam had a blast lining up the pumpkins…all around the pumpkin tables.  It was so funny watching them as they were so excited!  Look at what two toddler brains can do when they concentrate! LOL!  This was such a fun 9 month session! Landon can pull him self up and he is getting better at standing, hopefully next month I will catch him standing by himself!

Do you remember playing with Rolly Pollies as a kid? I do!  They were so much fun to play with, now as an adult, I don’t like having bugs crawl on me.  I was very excited for Rio to be able to play with rolly pollies and even more excited that Rio’s Grandma, 할머니 (halmeoni is Korean  for Grandma) was going to be the one to introduce her to these fun bugs! Yay for me! No bugs on this hand!

I love that my mom has such a beautiful garden and that Rio is able to experience harvesting food from it!

Rio put her carefully collected rolly pollies in a container so she could inspect them all and keep her precious bugs.