I love it when client orders come in, it’s like Christmas for everyone all over again!!  The part I like most about client orders arriving is making it pretty!!


So take the albums that arrived, these are flush mount, lay flat books.  These are beautiful because of the simplicity and of course because of the pictures inside 🙂  But add a little bit of sparkle and colors from my brand and it transforms into something gorgeous!  Don’t you want to get your hands on it now?  I know the people receiving these will LOVE them!  New Clients, check out the pricing for the albums, very reasonable and a perfect way to have an archive of multiple photos.  If you already had a session with me and want one of these please contact me as it’s not too late to order.



Guess who’s cute little face is one year old?  This guy!  It’s been amazing to watch him grow during the past year, to see his hair grow in, to see him do his baby push ups, and to see how his face changed.  This little man is just gorgeous and amazing!  I am so happy that his momma decided to do the Bellies to Babies with me and has trusted me to document the first year of her precious little boy’s life!  We had a lot of fun during this first birthday session as we used some balls from my ball pit and it was a little exciting in the studio!  Happy first birthday!


I love taking Rio here!  Now that she is older I don’t have to worry too much about her getting ran over by the older kids.  Now she can run and jump all by herself!  If you have not been to the Tacoma Children’s Museum, go check it out!  I swear, your kiddo’s head will explode from excitement!  AND!!  Looking for a place for your next kid or lifestyle photography session?  This place has a lot of areas that would be perfect for your next family photography session!





The time has finally arrived!  Nicholas is 1!  I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed working with this family for the past year and seeing this little guy grow and change. He is a beautiful boy and  I love all of his little chubs! We had a blast during his Cake Smashing session, babies are hilarious when they get their little paws into a cake. Lots of them don’t like it, so you gotta stage it a little!  Happy first birthday Nicholas!


2014 was a pretty good year! I learned a lot more about my business and myself, I met so many wonderful families, businesses, and people.  I can’t thank you all enough, without you my business would not be in existence! Thank you a million times over for putting your trust in me to photograph the people whom you love most and to have the photographs I took of you become a part of your history.
It’s pretty amazing to me when I reflect on my business and what I do for people. I know I say this a lot, but it is so true, parents, hold your kiddos tight as they grow way too fast!  Document your kiddo’s journey through life, and you, yes you, be present in photographs for your kiddos!  No matter what stage you are in your life or how you may be feeling about yourself, do it for your kids!
Looking forward to 2015, I wish you all a Happy New Year, may your new year be filled with good health, good fortune,  lots of love, and of course many happy times!