I love it when clients order products, and I know I’ve said this before, but I really enjoy making everything pretty.  The most recent product that arrived was a 5×7 album which my client ordered for their family back home in Hawaii.  I know the grandparents will love this gift!

Want a pretty package of your own?  Email me to book your next session!  Existing clients can always contact me and have me design an album for them!

I love the sparkly ribbon!
These paper flowers add a nice finishing touch and a pop of color

I have been a part of the Shoot and Share community for over a year now and they have a yearly photo competition where photographers from all around the world can submit up to 40 images for the contest. I submitted…probably 30 images and we all voted for a month! Here are the voting stats as of yesterday:  18,717,914 votes – 690,096 every day * 37,827 of your peers have voted – 7.2 years of time spent voting * 110,928 photos started – 66,518 favorites selected

Today is the last day of voting AND I received an email on Saturday saying that some of my images made it to the finals!  I never in a million years thought any of my images were good enough to even make it to a final round of a contest. I am super stoked!  Even if none of my images win, it is still an honor to have made it this far! 

I love this time of year as everything starts to bloom!  I took Rio and my dad up to UW with the hopes that the cherry blossoms were in bloom . . . wrong! There were a few in bloom . . .  I should have known better as I do this every single year!  When I see the trees bloom here, in Kent, that usually means UW will start blooming about three weeks later. We made the trek anyway and still have a blast with bubbles, umbrellas, and dresses, Rio even made some friends while she was chasing bubbles.

I love my little girl and the way she sees things, she saw all of the college students with their backpacks on, so she wanted to be a big girl too an insisted on carrying her own back pack.  When we went to this gorgeous library, she wanted to be just like those students, studying hard, so she grabbed a book off the shelf, sat down with her backpack, took out her lunch, and started to “read” while enjoying her gold fish! Be still my heart and my tears!  Our little ones are growing so fast, parents really slow down and see your little one now as they won’t be little for long.

I LOVE Lana Del Rey!  I love her style and of course her music. I wanted to do a shoot that was inspired by her.  This was a really awesome stylized photography session as I had the opportunity to work with some very talented people, and, we all went to Esthetician school together! Korrine Claxton (http://www.korrinesfacialandwaxingstudio.com/) did the gorgeous makeup and Sarah Jane was our Lana Del Rey.  Sarah Jane brought over some amazing outfits and accessories, we literally could have spent the day just looking at all of the costume jewelry!  So, when you look at the photos, make sure you check out the jewelry.

Thank you ladies for all of your hard work, without you, this shoot would not have been possible!

This is the final session for Landon and I don’t think I ever captured a smile from him, seriously!  For his first birthday cake smashing session, he actually did a great job with eating his cake, I have never seen a kiddo eat a cake as delicately as Landon did (he only used one finger!) Happy First Birthday Landon!!

Rio Jean Photography Kent, WA Natural Light Photographer Studio Session First Birthday Cake SmashRio Jean Photography Kent, WA Natural Light Photographer Studio Session First Birthday Cake Smash