Maternity Guide


Congrats!  You’re having a baby!!  Whether this baby is your first, third, or fifth, this is no doubt an exciting time for your family.

There is so much that happens in the weeks and months that pass between purchasing your first pair of maternity jeans to picking out candles for your baby’s first birthday cake . . . and, well, frankly it all happens so fast!   I can’t stop time, but I can help you remember some of the most pivotal moments during that very special first year of your baby’s life.

I would love to document the milestones that are most important to you from maternity to when your baby turns one year old.  As a photographer, I strive to capture these moments and turn the resulting images into a work of fine art to be treasured forever.  Baby photography requires a large amount of planning and an insane amount of patience, and you’ll be happy to know I am good at both!

The pregnancy stage of a woman’s life is one of the fastest growing developmental times.  You are growing a baby!  I know it’s not always comfortable but my job is to make you look and feel amazing during our time together.

A maternity session is designed to celebrate and document the precious new life growing within.  This is one of my favorite sessions as it is a combination of glamour and a beautifully, luminous momma to be.  A maternity session can be an artistic studio shoot or it can take place at a location of your choice.  Some favorite locations include a local beach or a manicured Japanese garden all within our city.  These photos will help your children to know how proud you are to be their mother and what a privilege it was to carry them.

30 to 32 weeks is perfect for most moms to be.  This is a time where your baby bump is of ample size yet you are not uncomfortable as you may be in your last 4 to 6 weeks.


The clothes that you wear during your session will play a vital role in how you feel during the shoot and about your photographs.  I really want to show your beautiful form, so choose outfits that accentuate your body, such as form fitting tops of long flowing dresses.  You can choose your favorite maternity outfit but remember solid colors work best.

Put aside a few hours for yourself to just relax and feel fabulous.  The best photographs are created when expectant mothers are relaxed, feel confident, and are able to be themselves during the session.  Don’t forget that this should be a special day for you!