This little girl is gorgeous!  I photographed her about two years ago and I was super excited when her mom contacted me to do her three year pictures as well as newborn pictures for the newest member of their family.  I really enjoyed these studio sessions as it is fun to have a chance to play with the younger kids again, this age is so precious!  I also was able to use my new backdrops, I am very pleased with how they photographed, both are my new favorites now.  We also used some glitter for a few shots and those were some of my favorite images from this studio session. Anyways, enough talk, let’s get to the images!

So….I received an email last week from Expertise ( and they mentioned me as one of the best maternity photographers in the Puyallup area!!  How cool is that!  Here is the little blurb they wrote about me:

Rio Jean Photography

Rio Jean Photography delivers high quality, one-of-a-kind maternity, newborn, and family portraiture. The gifted Puyallup-area photographer specializes in capturing the magical moments of growing families in highly customized photo sessions. She knows how fleeting the moments are for expectant moms and artistically freezes time with treasured keepsake images. Rio Jean Photography focuses on creating fine art photographs of moms-to-be as they await the arrival of their babies. The creative photographer has a keen eye for detail and ensures that each image reflects the unique beauty, personality, and essence of every client. She prefers shooting in natural light with the stunning beauty of the Pacific Northwest as the backdrop for many photo sessions. Families can rely on the talented photographer to employ an artistic approach when photographing a once-in-a-lifetime scene. Rio Jean Photography will provide a breathtaking finished product to be cherished for years to come.

Congrats to the other photographers mentioned, their work is also amazing!  Here is the link if you want to check them out too!!

Thank you guys for the mention!!!

Best Maternity Photographers in Puyallup

When the make up artist  I work with, Korrine Claxton ( said “Glitter makeup”  my head did a little explosion and I knew we had to do something with this!

We decided to have Chinwe be our model and thankfully, she was open to wearing glitter makeup!  It was a fun studio session,  Chinwe was the perfect model and we could not have been happier with the results.

Chinwe will be graduating high school this week and will be headed off to college, she was recruit for her basketball skills by a college in California!  Isn’t that awesome!!!!  Looking forward to seeing what the future holds for this young lady.

Thank you Korrine for the idea and of course the gorgeous makeup!  If you ever need a makeup artist, Korrine is your gal, she is a rising star among makeup artists in the Seattle area and will hook your face up!!  Another thank you to Chinwe for being out model, without you both, none of this would have been possible!


It finally came!! I was waiting for a month and half for this maternity dress to arrive so I could do a maternity session for a co-worker of mine,  I was beyond happy when it arrived in the right size and color!

The day couldn’t have been more perfect for this on location maternity session, the rain had finally stopped, the sun came out…it was a beautiful day.  This will be the couple’s first baby(they are having a boy) and I could not be happier for them!  Anyways, congratulations to the parent to be!

Couple Snuggling Maternity SessionMaroon Maternity DressMaroon Maternity DressMaroon Maternity Dress

I have this fascination with abandoned buildings, creepy asylums and sanitariums.  Last year, I decided to take a road trip to abandoned schoolhouses in Eastern Washington and there are a TON!  It was a pretty amazing trip, we found an abandoned collection of buildings, which was the first place we took pictures.  I decided a steampunk theme would be epic for this trip and luckily, my daughter and step daughter were willing models!  You can see towards the end of the trip, they were getting tired.

The very first place we stopped was on someone’s farm land, we all had our boots on and the ground was freshly plowed so we were sinking in the dirt. By the end, we had dirt everywhere and even had to high tail it back to the van as the owners some how spotted us and they were coming to get us (I lost my fitbit trespassing!!)