Do you remember playing with Rolly Pollies as a kid? I do!  They were so much fun to play with, now as an adult, I don’t like having bugs crawl on me.  I was very excited for Rio to be able to play with rolly pollies and even more excited that Rio’s Grandma, 할머니 (halmeoni is Korean  for Grandma) was going to be the one to introduce her to these fun bugs! Yay for me! No bugs on this hand!

I love that my mom has such a beautiful garden and that Rio is able to experience harvesting food from it!

Rio put her carefully collected rolly pollies in a container so she could inspect them all and keep her precious bugs.


I can’t believe how much this young man has grown since last year! Time really is going so fast, Zavier is in 8th grade now, next year he’ll be in high school! And I know that he has been wanting his hair braided for a while, so I like these pictures with his changed up hair style!  I did photoshop one picture for his mom..can’t share it here, but lets say he had a bangin fro! LOVE!

I know I have said this numerous times, parents, hold your kiddos tight, one day they won’t be babies anymore 🙁


Rio is a wiener dog.  No Joke. At least when it comes to playing soccer!  My husband and I are coaching her team and I have to say, it is awesome! I love all of the kids on her team as they are so cute!  During the games Rio is usually facing the wrong way, at least one kiddo is sitting, and there are at least two more who are just chatting it up with each other on the field.  It is super cute!  If you have a little one who is around 3/4 get them into soccer, you will totally see what I am talking about. It’s good comic relief and she gets her exercise on!

Of course me being a photog, I just had to do her soccer pictures and I absolutely love the way they turned out! I love the sun behind her as its a good symbol of the fire I know she has within her.

Not your average soccer picture, she looks fierce, sassy, and fun, that is who she is now. These pictures totally capture her personality.  Parents, you want a non traditional picture of your kiddo?
oh, and that black mark on her hand, its her cutie mark!


Landon, Landon, Landon. What.a.little.cutie!  These pictures crack me up, look at his hair and there is one where he is chewing on his sock –  To precious!  So what is Landon up to nowadays?  He can pull his little body up (all of those baby push ups finally paid off! ) he can clap,  and loves to wave!  Of course he can do much more than what I am posting about her, those are the few things I saw during our session.

ok mister Landon, time to get your baby squats and baby situps on so you can start walking soon!


I can’t believe Nicholas can stand on his own (for a few seconds!) He is growing up so fast 🙁  We were finally able to schedule a session outside and it was such a gorgeous day for this little man’s 9 month portraits!

I really enjoy seeing Nicholas grow before my eyes! And, being able to photographically document his journey!  Happy 9 Months Nicholas, next time, I hope to catch him taking a few steps!